Weight Loss

Most women in their mid-thirties to mid-sixties experience challenges maintaining their weight. Even those who exercise regularly and eat healthy find themselves gaining pounds and inches while experiencing fatigue, decreased energy levels, irregular appetite and cravings for sweets and carbs.

At the NJ Women's Wellness Center Dr. Parnes has helped hundreds of women regain control of their weight through a two-pronged program which incorporates a medical evaluation and nutritional counseling. The medical portion of the program includes Insulin Resistance Testing and Metabolic Evaluation. Once results are reviewed, Dr. Parnes may recommend medication and often suggests that her patients meet with Christine Okezie, Holistic Health Counselor, graduate of NYC's Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Christine works closely with Dr. Parnes to develop an individualized dietary plan that includes easy delicious recipes, cooking skills and meal planning. See patient testimonials to see success stories and photos.



First, I want to say with conviction - my successful diet plan with Christine has changed my life! I have lost 50 pounds and feel great! I love wearing nice clothes again and showing off my new body. It has rejuvenated me and given me back confidence that I forgot I had lost by getting older into my 50's. I have been told, the plan and weight loss has taken 10 years off my appearance. I actually am a smaller size than my 26 and 19 year old daughters!

Christine was a great coach. I feel that she was not only my coach, but became my friend during the process. She was always encouraging and never condescending about any of my choices.

I began my sessions with Christine back in May 2013. I was overweight by about 40 pounds, was on meds for high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, and was insulin resistant. I am off all medication now. I always felt bloated, tired and was very unhappy with how I felt about myself and looked. My gynecologist, recommended Christine to me. I felt "desperate" to lose weight and get healthy when I began my sessions with Christine. I was focused and committed to the 5 -month plan that I signed on for.

I believe if you want to do something you have never done –you need to do something you never did before —to achieve that goal. Initially the thought of signing onto a 5 month program with the cost associated with the program—seemed expensive. But I made the decision to invest in myself and "do something that I never did before" to achieve my goal—to lose weight and get healthy!!!

Christine began with reviewing all my eating habits and we immediately cut out all dairy products followed by all products with Gluten. I began losing weight the first week and I consistently lost about 2 pounds only a week for the first few months. I began taking a pro biotic daily and vitamins she recommended. Initially, I wanted to lose 20lbs fast, and wanted instant results and Christine said it would come, to be patient—and the weight came off. The first 20 pounds seems slow to lose but the second 20 lbs. seemed faster. The last 10lbs. was without trying at all. My body stopped when it was at its perfect weight. I am 57 years old, and 5 foot 4 and currently weight between 118-120. I have not weighed this since I was in my late 20's.

The transition to Gluten and Dairy free was not that difficult for me because with Christine's guidance, I began eating lots of vegetables, meat and fruits and nuts. I was eating all the time (small amounts), and never was hungry. I planned what I was eating every day and the changes were not a diet for me, but a lifestyle change. The one thing that did not work for me was the smoothies. I would rather "chew" the food, then "drink it"!

I was a 3-can a day diet coke drinker before Christine, and I am happy to say I have not consumed a diet coke since beginning my treatment in May 2013. Now, I drink tea and lots of water. I was a person who never ate breakfast, and now I do every day. I consume more meat, than I ever did before. I used to be a carb junkie, and don't miss carbs and pasta a bit.

I already have recommended Christine to the girl who has been cutting my hair for 20 years and she has joined and had success herself on Christine's program. I am a walking advertisement for Christine and anyone who knows me can't believe how much weight I have lost, and how good I look. I tell everyone about Christine, going Gluten and Dairy free and how it has changed my life. I look forward to every day—having energy—feeling and looking great.

- Laurie Koppe


I began the program in June when my weight was at an all time high, my cholesterol was through the roof and my blood sugar was poor. I felt just terrible about myself and moved like a woman 20 years older than I was.

With Christine's guidance, I have lost nearly 30 lbs, I have increased energy and I'm beginning to see that a liftime of proper nutrition and health is well within my reach. Patient, calming, knowledgeable and encouraging are just a few words to describe Chrisitine. She is there to work with you in finding solutions every step of the way. I would highly recommend this program! After a lifetime of diets, calorie and points counting, and quick weight loss supplements, I have finally found an easier, smart and healthier approach to keeping the weight off. Thank you Christine.

- Diane Martin


I started with Christine because I couldn't lose weight no matter what I did, and had the worst IBS(irritable bowel syndrome). I went to see doctor after doctor and no one could help me until I met with Christine and she changed my life.

I started with Christine because I couldn't lose weight no matter what I did, and had the worst IBS(irritable bowel syndrome). I went to see doctor after doctor and no one could help me until I met with Christine and she changed my life.

Since working with Christine I have made better life choices, I have lost 20 lbs, and I know how to eat healthy and know what foods are smart foods to eat. Christine has helped me through so much. She is beyond helpful with everything like choosing the right foods to eat, the best and most delicious recipes (that are very easy to make considering cooking was not my forte).

I would recommend This program to anyone who is struggling with weight loss or someone who is just trying to find a healthier way of life. Thank you so much Christine!!

- Jillian Andreola

A Before and After

Rissa P was kind enough to let us use her before-and-after shots. You'll agree she has reason to be proud.

  • April: Rissa starts the program.
  • June: Making great progress.
  • August: Feeling and looking good.
  • September: Rissa has made her goal!